Emi Iyalla is the Executive Director of Skillworks (a skill development and consulting firm). He bagged his Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degree in Computer Science and Information Systems from Oxford Brookes University in Oxford, England. He obtained an International Advanced Diploma in Computing from Informatics Academy, Singapore, A post graduate certificate from University of Port Harcourt Business School (UPBS). He’s the best selling author of Skills That Pay the Bills (Published by Sankofa).

He is the founder of the Skill For All (Non-Profit dedicated to promoting Skill Development Advocacy programmes). He has developed and managed Skill programmes for several government and private organizations including the Petroleum Technology Development Fund (PTDF), The Federal Government’s Presidential Amnesty Programme, Bayelsa State Ministry of Science & Technology & Manpower Development, Leading Edge Business School, etc. He’s a professional member of the Nigerian Institute of Management. He’s passionate about skill development as a part of human capacity building and writes about the role and impacts of Skills in personal, corporate and societal socio economic development. Emi Iyalla is a Kalabari man with a global perspective on issues.

Emi Iyalla is a skill development advocate, best-selling author and a passionate seeker of social change across Africa.  His messages are about the importance of skills and how they are the missing piece in the social development puzzle.

“Skills make dreams happen. They build economies. They make people rich and famous. In today’s world, the demands for skills are staggering. Government, business and individuals have too much to achieve, their goals are huge. They are constantly, and I do mean constantly, looking for people with the right skills. People that can get the job done.” 
― Emi Iyalla

“The pursuit of knowledge and the skills that come with it must be done strategically. We must put the society we live in into serious consideration before we embark on this journey.

We can’t isolate our skills from the need of the society we live in” 
― Emi Iyalla